Michael A. Deer(non-registered)
I do admire your work my friend. Your images tell stories and are beautiful to view.
Tom Hebert(non-registered)
Just wonderful! What an array of subjects and interests! From flowers to rodeos. And about everything in between with great skill and taste. We met at the Warm Springs Endurance Race a week ago. Too bad that mountain can't be moved....
Linda Larson(non-registered)
I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to a day of photographing Central Oregon
How beautiful my friend. Your creative talent is wonderful to view. Thank you for sharing your work with me.
Mick Davidov(non-registered)
By discovering your website today, I realize suddenly how vast, rich, beautiful, and perfect your work is, wether in B/W or in color. Keep it up. I love your work.
Bob Burkhardt(non-registered)
After seeing your work on Model Mayhem, I'm not surprised how great this work is as well.
Great photos and insperation! Keep at it coz i love your work!
Excellent photography. I find your work inspiring and hope to learn from your work. Keep it up. thx
Peter Schütte(non-registered)
Hi Peter, Thanks for showing some of your fine photos! I particularly find your flower and your abstractions (on old metal??) and several of your nature (trees!) photos very good. Peter
Wow, I'm impressed with not only the quantity of work here, but the consistent quality throughout. I'm excited to work with you in the future :)
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