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Artistic nudes

  • These galleries illuminate the beauty of human form. This photographer has yet to understand how anyone can find such offensive (you're a people, you know what people look like), but recognizes that some do. If you're not genuinely interested in this style of photography, please view_other_albums.
  • Models are 18+. Clicking on gallery icons to continue, asserts that you are of age and appreciate the artistic nature of humankind.
  • The restricted gallery includes images that are full frontal. Charging a nominal fee, helps defray costs of hosting sites, producing work, and provides a means of age verification. If you are of legal age in the jurisdiction in which you are viewing this site (generally 18+) , you can purchase a password for 5-day viewing privilege. After you've received confirmation of payment, send an e-mail to photos@humonphotography.com ("humon" with an "o") and the photographer will reply with the password.


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Created 15-Jul-14
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discreet nudes I

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Created 2-Jan-13
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discreet nudes I

discreet nudes II

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Created 9-May-14
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discreet nudes II

non-discreet nudes

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non-discreet nudes